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beauty is in the eye of the beholder

..think your better than the rest?
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This is a community based on looks, obviously.
When applying, please consider the fact that members of this community aren't always going to be nice. They're going to give you their honest opinion so if you cannot handle rejection, please do not bother to apply.
Also, although this community is based on looks..you have to have some common sense in order to be accepted..
Remember, looks aren't everything..

1.) When applying, put "New Applicant" in the subject line
2.) Always post your application behind an LJ Cut that says "Pretty Or Not?"
3.) If you can't take the criticism then don't join. If you are caught arguing with any of the members then you will be rejected automatically.
4.) Absolutely no nudity whatsoever
5.) DoN'T tYpE LikE ThIS---its very hard to read.
6.) If you get rejected, you can apply again in a week, but you have to use different pictures.
7.) 2 days after applying, you will be imformed if you were accepted or rejected
8.) You have to post an application 1 day after joining
9.) Members are allowed to say harsh things, but don't go too overboard with it
10.) Do not promote other communities here unless you are a member

1.) Name:
2.) Age:
3.) Location:
4.) Sexual Preference:
5.) Religion:
6.) Hobbies:
7.) What is your favorite movie and why?:
8.) List your top 5 favorite bands:
9.) List your top 5 least favorite bands:
10.)Talk about some things that bother you (pet peeves):
11.)What is your best childhood memory?:
12.)Describe your ideal date:
13.)What are you afraid of and why?:
14.)How did you find out about us?:
15.)Rate yourself on your looks, from 1-10:
15.)And finally, please post at least (more is always better) 3 pictures of yourself:




A theme will be posted within a few days.
Since this community is new, we have to wait for more members to join before we can start with themes.